Landlord Fees

At Thomas & Partners we have a specialist team who are dedicated to placing high quality, fully referenced and working tenants in rental properties. We are also always on hand to fully manage your portfolio and work together to ensure that your rental income arrives completely hassle free.

Tenant Find - £595 plus VAT

Monthly Management Fee -10% plus VAT

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How to get more viewings

Your estate agent may well be doing everything they can to sell your property (I hope they are anyway) but what can you do today to get more viewings? Well:

1. Have a quick peak at your current marketing…
The photos, property description and brochure. Do they need improving? It could well be that employing a professional photographer would improve matters. Rewrite the description and include quotes, historical anecdotes and any other human interest element that might intrigue a potential buyer.

2. Call your agent…
Always good to be at the front of their mind, maybe ask them why you haven’t had a viewing this week. Request regular feedback and work on that. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the Rightmove Property Report.

3. Take the property off the market for a bit…
May seem radical, but it just may offer an opportunity to revamp your marketing materials, for a real boost when you go back to market. I would suggest a week off the market for every month you’ve been for sale. Upon your re-launch, an email alert will hit the inboxes of buyers who have registered with Rightmove and other portals – this alone will help encourage viewings.

Remember, by taking action, you are taking control of your own house sale.

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