Landlord Fees

At Thomas & Partners we have a specialist team who are dedicated to placing high quality, fully referenced and working tenants in rental properties. We are also always on hand to fully manage your portfolio and work together to ensure that your rental income arrives completely hassle free.

Tenant Find - £595 plus VAT

Monthly Management Fee -10% plus VAT

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Is your property too cheap?

Is your property too cheap?

Are you selling yourself short when it comes to the price of your house? Remember you have to gain trust to make a sale in the property market and you could be underselling your house. Here’s three reasons you may need to increase your asking price:

1. Buyers spend around three months looking for a home, so your audience is changing four times a year. Agents often talk about dropping the asking price so that it appears in a new price range but this means it disappears from the current listing so you aren’t necessarily going to appear in more online searches, just different ones.

2. A common misconception is to drop a figure to make it sound cheaper but if you round the price up, you ensure that your house appears in as many searches as possible. If your price is £599,000 you’re potentially missing anyone who has more to spend. By pricing your property at a rounded figure, for example £600,000 your property will be found by this group of viewers.

3. Buyers have a designated budget and they like to spend it, so if you’re too cheap your house may be dismissed as inferior to a more expensive alternative – simply because it’s more expensive than yours.

Remember – homes sell on emotion, not price. Your buyer needs to make an emotional connection to your home, and if they do, the price becomes far less important to them.

If you’re contemplating a sale, or you’re already on the market and are frustrated that you have not yet sold, book your free telephone consultation. Simply call me on 01304 20 66 66 or drop me an email at You can even fill in the Contact Form here. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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